Why I choosed crowdfunding to release my watch collection

written by Alexander Burhans


I've always had a lot of ideas, especially when I've dealt intensively with a topic. Having ideas and then converting them into products has always been a great challenge that I was happy to take on.

But even if I have already implemented many projects, I could never be sure that customers would actually buy my products.

In the past, I had to stop and discard many things because I did not reach enough people or because the product was not accepted. - This was also the case with some of my watches.

BIG BAHN, a watch worn over the jacket has not sold well.


As a small company cannot afford a market research institute that could provide the relevant analyzes, you have to have the courage to take the risk that every new development can also fail and all the work was in vain. In a watch production, this means hundreds if not thousands of individual parts were produced for the garbage. Quite apart from the energy and raw materials that were used up for nothing, you also lost a lot of time and money.


To minimize such losses and failures, crowdfunding is simply ideal!

For the customer it actually means nothing more than a kind of advance sale, in which he has a say in and ultimately decides how many pieces of each model are to be produced.

For us, it has the advantage that only the watch parts that are actually needed are made. In this way we avoid overproduction and incorrect production and can produce in a resource-saving manner.

Of course, this variant of shopping requires a bit of patience from customers, but they belong to a select group who receive these special models at a greatly reduced price. In this case, this means a 20% discount on the normal retail price.

Would you also like to take part in our new type of watch production?

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The new collection