Our Story

"The greatest motivation for what I do and create has always been to surprise people with beautiful things and to make them happy." 

- Alexander Burhans -


Even in his youth, Alexander Burhans was passionate about design and art. With his preference for clear and simple design, he looked for the connection between aesthetic standards and practical use, following the principles of the Bauhaus style. 

At the end of the 80s, Alexander entered the jewelry and watch industry. In 1989 he opened his first of 4 retail stores in Freiburg. In order to be able to offer designer watches according to his own quality standards, he founded his own watch brand in 1991 (variety). In 2014 he ended his career as a watch designer and manufacturer for the time being and moved to Spain. Up to this point in time, around 180 - 200 thousand watches had been manufactured and sold based on his ideas and designs.

Through the exchange with young entrepreneurs from the fields of e-commerce and social media, the idea arose in 2020 to revive the old love. The discovery of the new digital processes in watch production will make it possible in the future to offer high-quality designer watches, which are hand-assembled directly by the Swiss watch manufacturer, at attractive prices. Customizations, such as B. a personal engraving are possible. With this on-demand production, every watch can be sent directly from the factory to the end customer.

The newly created designs create a fine line of watches with which we want to inspire previous and new customers for the watch brand “Alexander Burhans”. All watch models are exclusively available through this online shop. 

Every new collection is one Custom order! Due to the exclusivity of the watches, some of which appear in limited editions, it is necessary that a minimum number of orders has been reached before production begins. Experience has shown that the minimum orders are reached quickly after the publication of a new design line, and after the start of production, the manufacture of the watches takes between 12-14 weeks. 


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Modelle 2020 Alexander Burhans Design Watches